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West Richland is the place to buy your next home

West Richland has doubled its population in the 1990’s, making it a leader of growth of the Tri-Cities. This city is still steadily growing as a result of the perfect mix of urban and rural living. Because of its popularity, the city has also had a boom of businesses and has been adding a new elementary and middle school. This location offers open land available for use by new commercial and industrial development, giving more job opportunities for residents.

In 2013, the median household income was around $80,000 a year. The median housing prices were $208,000, with detached homes having a median price of $227,436 and townhouses or other attached units $258,000 a year. The median age was around 37.4, meaning there is a younger population here.

The prices for the homes vary greatly, offering items in everyone’s price range. The homes in West Richland offer a variety of homes that are unique in design. It all depends on the location that you are looking at and the price range you are able to afford. The higher end homes offer such amazing architecture that your jaws will drop at their beauty, that you will want to run out to see them.

If you are looking for homes, feel free to check out the homes in person. This can help you get a good feel about whether or not the home is a consideration that may meet the needs of your family. Walk around the house; imagine what your life would be like at this home with your family or what it would be like to start a family there. After you find the West Richland home that you think is the one, you should consider driving around the neighborhood at random times during the week to get a feel for the neighborhood.

West Richland offers a perfect place for people to live in because you really do get the best of both worlds. You can experience that closeness that comes with living in a rural location while reaping all of the benefits of living in the big city. You should check out this booming city for yourself.


View all West Richland, WA Homes for Sale