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Benton City is located in Benton County, Washington, and was founded in 1909. Benton city has a lovely landscape being located near three major rivers. With a mild climate, Benton City has a wide variety of outdoor activities for you to enjoy all year round. Benton city also offers a number of local farmers markets. Transportation is easy in the Tristate area, with public transportation services being available.Sunset near Benton City, WA

Benton City is home to a wide variety of recreational activities, such as over a dozen boat launches. The city and the county offer over 100 parks and swimming pools for you to enjoy; whether for sports, play time, or walks. Benton Country offers over 50 miles of trails for you to walk, run, or bike.

The schools in Benton are known to lead in curriculum development, and have a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Benton City schools have a higher graduation rate than the national average.  Yakima Valley Community College, Columbia Basin College, and Washington State University serve Benton City students when they are ready to head off to college or university.

Both quiet homes in the countryside and homes in the busy downtown core are available to you to purchase in Benton City. The Benton City housing market is quite stable, letting you buy and sell your home for more than the national average. The Benton City housing market has plenty of homes for sale to meet your needs, and budget.  Benton City also offers its citizens a lower cost of living than the national average.

With a long history of agriculture, Benton City now has a balanced economy. There had been a recent expansion in research and trade industries. However, the agriculture industry is still the largest employer in Benton County. Benton County is also the largest producer of green energy in the Tristate area, with a hydroelectricity dam, and rapidly expanding solar and wind farms.

Benton City is a friendly place to live, with many parks to visit and activities to do. The education system is at the leading edge of curriculum development. The Benton City housing market has plenty of new and older homes for sale to meet your needs in a home.

View all Benton City, WA Homes for Sale